Stone Sour – The Conflagration chords

Standard Tuning, Capo on 1st fret

Am GEvery now and then a lifetime needs a second chance-
Am DTo find another one like you
Am Don't forget your better reason-
G Am DAll your silly risks will bring you down
Am G Oh several years of bitter Mondays take a heavy toll-
Am DAnd then you realize, it's you
Am Until you make this easy harder-
G BbNo one else will care if you're around
Dm C Bb If you live your love with no to most
Dm C BbEvery day is just about the sorrow
Dm C BbYou should know what they want to get
Dm C BbIf it's you, they won't let you forget
C Bb G VERSE 2 Oh so much for gentle lions- Gathering the sheep All I wanted was- Something safe Show me your ungrateful tyrants I'll point out the mirror- Point to you Oh this is where forever gets us- Immoral wishes and oblivion I can't stay I don't need the conflagration I don't need the hate And I don't need you CHORUS 2 Interlude: C Bb C Bb C Bb Am G F E Am G Am D Am G Bb CHORUS 3 OUTRO:
C BbOh I'm on my own
C BbI'm on my own
Am Tabbed by Sander Koit
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