Big Empty tab with lyrics by Stone Temple Pilots - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Stone Temple Pilots – Big Empty tab

Chorus is all standard chords
G       A                  C             
Time to take her home  her dizzy head is conscience laden
G       A                C
Time to wait to long to wait to long to wait to long
Then play this a few:
    (G5)       F7        (F?)(F7)
|---3---------1---1-------0---0--||---3---------1---1-------0---0--||---4---------2---2-------2---1--||---5---------1---1-------0---0--||---5---------3---3-------2---2--||---3---------1---1-------0---0--| ..these conversations kill......
That's pretty much it, with the exception of that small interlude. Try it and you'll know where it goes. The whole thing is based on a barred A chord on the second fret. No challenge here! :)
|----------------------------------------||--------2-3-2------2----2-3-5-3-2-------||--------------2-------------------2-----| |-----2----------2----2---------------2--||----------------------------------------||----------------------------------------|
This may not be 100% correct. With the amount of distortion on the chorus I have a hard time picking out whether or not there is any variance on the A & C chords. I will tab the slide solos at another time. They are very simple, and if you don't have a slide you can use pretty much anything smooth and rounded such as a bottle neck or even a Bic Lighter. I just don't have the time to tab right now. I've got only the chorus. My bro has the verse part but won't teach me it. (Go fig!) Anyway, the chorus has a moving G-chord and has an E-chord in there somewhere... NOTE: I am not a very good guitar player so all I'll write is the TAB. You'll have to figure out the timing and such.
-------3------------5------------8----------------------------------------3------------5------------8----------------------------------------0------------0------------0-------------------------------------------0------------0------------0-------------------------------------------2------------4------------7----------------------------------------3------------5------------8--------------------------------- `
Time to take her... dizzy head is conscience laden... Repeat the above progression according to the song...
I'm not sure if that's right. I have no guitar in my midst right now, but I'm pretty sure that that';s how it goes for the chorus. I hope this helps.
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