Stone Temple Pilots - Naked Sunday tab version 1

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From: Paul D 
Subject: STP's "Naked Sunday"...

Alright, "Naked Sunday" by STP contains (get this!) only 3 DIFFERENT CHORDS!
Aflat, C, and C7.  Each chord is played for four beats each and the
progression just repeats.  The following is the progression after the drum

(with WAH) Aflat C Aflat C7E-|-----------------------------------------------|B-|--4--x-4--x-4-----8~~~~----4--x-4--x-4-----8~~~|G-|--5--x-5--x-5-----9~~~~----5--x-5--x-5-----9~~~|D-|--6--x-6--x-6-----10~~~----6--x-6--x-6-----8~~~|A-|--6--x-6--x-6-----10~~~----6--x-6--x-6-----10~~|E-|--4--x-4--x-4-----8~~~~----4--x-4--x-4-----8~~~|
The rest you can just ad-lib or listen to the song 'till you get the rhythm. But honestly, there's only the 4 chords. Change your rhythm to 16th-notes for the chorus ("Been waitin' for awhile to meet you...", etc.). The solo is just noise basically, if you're much of a lead player you'd probably ad-lib that too (it'll probably sound better than the orig.) Here's the lyrics: You're the fuel to the fire, You're the weapons of war, You're the irony of justice, And the father of law. CHORUS: I've been waitin' for awhile to meet you For the chance to shake your hand To give you thanks for all the suffering you command. And when all is over And we return to dust Who will be my judge and which one do I trust? You're the champion of sorrow, You're the love and the pain, You're the fighter of evil, Yet you're one and the same. (chorus) SPOKEN: An eye for an eye And a tooth for a tooth, Turn the other cheek aside. We are all God's children, the giver of life, But only we will survive! Good luck... Paul D. ( OR (
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