Stone Temple Pilots – Seven Caged Tigers tab

There are some additional notes after this layout on the way certain things are
fingered.  This edition is a bit of a hybrid of the album version and the acoustic
version played on the Howard Stern show...Listen to the song, and match up what I
have here, and it's a really easy piece to add to your collection.

G  Bm  E
D  C   B

Verse 1:

Em       D               C
Pass the time kickin' as time rips by

G        Bm            E       
Neither goose nor the gander fly

G      Bm                   E
Buy a minute spend an hour burnin', burnin'

D       C                  B
Take a peek as the model earns it, earns it

Em      D                C
Walk a mile as it keeps crawlin', crawlin'

G            Bm          E     
Kill the politician and wash it with everpure


Ebmaj7              Bb   
So the answer gets harder, harder

Ebmaj7                   Bb
And the truth's getting farther and farther

Ebmaj7               Bb
And the bottle keep churnin', and churnin'

Ebmaj7              Bb            B
Seven caged tigers fly by, fly by...

Verse 2:

G        Bm                 E
Wastin' time chasing those cows that fly

D             C            B
Churnin' out all of that butterfly sugarboost

Em          D                C
Track the blade as it pulls downward, onward

G        Bm                   E  
Take the pill it'll kill the martyrs, martyrs

G        Bm             E
Passin' time rippin as time kicks by.

D          C              B
Pass the umbilical cord down for a fly-by

Em       D                     C
Take a sneak where the model earns it, earns it

G       Bm               E
Hike a mile as it keeps crawlin', crawlin'

Repeat Chorus


G  Bm  E , A  F , Bm  C (hold C two measures)

repeat ...............C (walk down Bm, Bb)

Repeat Chorus

On the E major chords, hammer on G string 2nd fret as in song.
The first C major in verses is played (-32030)
Second C major in verses is played (-32033), and walks middle finger down to B note.
The B major in the verses has a little walkup to it as well; the little finger slides
up one fret and then the F# on the bottom string is accented.  
You've really just got to listen to the song to get the feel of where the hammers,
slides, etc are.  

Also, in the acoustic version I've heard, a barred D minor chord can be used in place
of the Bb major.  It's a nice variation and can even be switched back and forth as you
play the chorus.  

Hope this helps!
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