Stone Temple Pilots – Wet My Bed tab

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From Tue Apr  8 12:59:25 1997
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 18:38:20 +0100
From: "J.P.Juneau" 
Subject: tab/stone temple pilots/wet my bed

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I know there's not much to this song, but hey, a song's a song.
This is only the way I play it, there could be a thousand
different ways of playing it.

use your acoustic to get a better sound and don't let the notes
ring to much.

Here's the riff:

e:--10---3-0------9---3-0------7---3-0-------------------|B:--10---3-0------9---3-0------7---3-0----------0-0-0----|G:-------4-2----------4-1----------4-0----------4-4-4----| X4.5D:----------------------------------------------2-3-4----|A:-------------------------------------------------------|E:-------------------------------------------------------|
SPOKEN WORDS: Hey everybody, where did Mary go? Where did Mary go? And where's my only cigarette? Please think for me i can't bear to.... I'll just lie here for a while, wet myself, wet my bed... I redied it all for her, you know... Clean sheets, incense and lots of fluffy pillows, now soiled... And where's my cigarette? did you check the bathroom, the bathtub? She sleeps there sometimes...water cleanses you know.... washes dirt away makes new...Maybe she...maybe she...maybe she... maybe...maybe she swam away... Alright. Now what? There it's that simple. have fun, drink milk. J.P.
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