Stone Temple Pilots – Atlanta tab

Person: Eric Gesinski

song: Atlanta

artist: Stone Temple Pilots

tab: Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Song: Atlanta
Album: No. 4
transcribed by Eric Gesinski

These chords are not necessarily correct, I picked all this up
by ear, so I could be wrong.  If you find errors, or want to
make any other comments, please e-mail me.  This is a great
song - thanks to STP for it, and hope you enjoy playing it!

E F#m G Am Am9 D Dsus4 C/G D11 Bm Bb Em-0--2--3--0----5--7----7--2---3----0---0---2--1--0-----0--2--3--1----5--5----5--3---3----1---3---3--3--0-----1--2--4--2-or-5--5-or-5--2---2----0---0---4--3--0-----2--4--5--2----7--7----5--0---0----2---4---4--3--2-----2--4--5--0----7--7----7-----------3---5---2--1--2-----0--2--3-------5--5----5-----------3---5---------0----
Basic progressions: E F#m G F#m(sus4) Am D Dsus4 D C/G D Dsus4 D Am D Dsus4 D C/G D11 (note: Am here can have the 9th added for emphasis, to Am9, and barre chords can be substituted for different effect... I have not tabbed out all the barre chords above - if you can play them, you probably know them already) Bm G F#m G D C/G Bb Bb Em Em Bb Bb Em Em Bb Bb Em
Am D C D11---0-----------------------------1---3-----1-0---------------------2------------0----------0--------------4------0-----------3----3/5-----------------------------------
E F#m G F#m x2 E F#m She lives in a bungalow G F#m E She kills me with rose garden thorns F#m G F#m She waits for me E F#m My love is unusual G F#m E it's painted with roses and thorns F#m G F#m with her I'm complete Chorus: Am D Dsus4 D C/G She lives by the wall D Dsus4 D Am And waits by the door D Dsus4 D C/G She walks in the sun D11 To me Am D Dsus4 D C/G She lives by the wall D Dsus4 D Am And waits by the door D Dsus4 D C/G She walks in the sun D11 To me E F#m G Visions of Mexico seduce me F#m E F#m G F#m it goes to my head so carefully E F#m G Memories of candles and incense F#m E and all of these things... F#m G F#m remember these? Chorus Bm G F#m She comforts me when G D the candles blow out C/G Bb The cake has grown mold Em but the memories are sweet Bb The laughter's all gone Em but the memories are mine Bb The Mexican princess is Em out of my life
Am D C D11---0-----------------------------1---3-----1-0---------------------2------------0----------0--------------4------0-----------3----3/5-----------------------------------Play twiceThen play over chorus(play arpeggiation total of seven times over normal chord progression for chorus if playing chords)Repeat, fade out...
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