Stoney Larue – Love You For Loving Me chords

One of my favorites. Any comments welcomed. - Jaclyn

Capo 2

Intro: D G A D D-G-A X2 (listen to song for strum rhythm)
(That chord progression through the whole song) Never thought I needed anyone, or anything to get me through. Come to close and I'd start to run, just to stay one step ahead of you. And I'd see others walkin hand in hand, say to myself what a couple of fouls. How can one woman just love one man, and not tear his heart in two. (Intro) Fools chase love around so desperately. Til they wind up all alone. Shouldn't love come more naturally? Like a river cuts into a stone. And you know I (Chorus) I love you for loving me. Cuz it's a rare and precious thing. You can't run from love that's mean to be. So let it shine on everything. (Intro) Took a little awhile, oh but I found myself. Right where I did not need to be. Well I tried to push the blame on someone. That's when it all came crashing down on me. And that's why I (Chorus) Oh let it shine on everything Oh on everything
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