Storm Large - I Am What I Am Thank God tab

Title: I Am What I Am (Thank God!)
Artist: Storm Large & Michael Cavaseno

Tabbed by: Federico Lebron

(Play intro through this part) It was not ever my scene to be homecoming queen or to hang from the sleeve of the captain of the football team A C E That's not what I am E E E And no a princess I will never be E E E My fingernails are chipped, my mind is dirty E D, C# Everything about me just about screams C B A E I am the anti-debutante A C E And I'm the child of a common man A-C E D C B E D C-B Thank God, I am what I am, hell yeah E E E E And all my life I tried to be what was expected of me E D And that led to loneliness and misery C#, C B A E And all the bullshit lying inbetween A C E Well, no thank you, man Say.. A-C E D C B E D C-B Thank God, I am what I am, hell yeah (x2)
E-E ... (Play intro through this part) It was not ever my scene to be homecoming queen A C or hang on the sleeve of anybody E A C So Thank God, E D C B E D C-B I am what I am, hell yeah (repeat)
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