Stornoway - I Saw You Blink chords

stornoway - i saw you blink
standard tuning

band website:

the strumming pattern is easy enough to figure out.

i missed the train... e----------------------|---9----7----7--------|---9----9----9--------|---9----11---9--------|---7----7----11-------|----------------------|
longgggggggggg hummmmmmmmmmmm i missed the train..
Amaj7 (F# on and off on D string) e (C# on off on A string)
when i was still day dreaming A F#min A-5-----------2-------5-----|-5-----------2-------5-----|-6-----6-----2-------6-----|-7-----7-----4-------7-----|-7-----7-----4-------7-----|-5-----4-----2-------5-----|
e (C# on and off the a string) chorus
verse chorus bridge:
c#min A eand i climbed up that hill when i got home, when i got home... x3
on third time play F#min Amaj7 (build up)e chorus ends on E hope this helped
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