Stornoway – The End Of The Movie chords

Capo on 9th Fret

Bass strum following chords:

C/G Am6am you left me for the last time
Em FOn my doorstep, blinking in the sunshine
C AmBlamed and framed I'm frozen in the picture
Em FHanging in the space you left inside me
Dm AmClimbed upstairs into the final scene
C GWaiting for the credits to appear
For all the years that I've been starring (starring)
Am EmStarring in a film with you and me in (me in)
F C AmLeading with a star I knew but I'm waking up
Em FIn a lone beam of light where the dust is dancing
C Am Em FAs the music fades
VERSE 2 as above except the refrain is played twice ("You led me here when the world began" AND again for "Saw your pale face shining through the spray") CHORUS as above
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