Stornoway – The End Of The Movie chords ver. 2

Left handed
These are the chords off the live BBC Introducing video (I think its in a 
different key to the album version) but played without a capo, so the chord shapes 
are different but sounds the same.

Verse 1
A F#m6am you left me for the last time,
C#m Don my doorstep blinking in the sunshine.
A F#mBlamed and framed I'm frozen in the picture,
C#m Dhanging in the space you left inside me.
Bm F#mI climbed upstairs into the final scene,
A E7waiting for the credits to appear
E7 A Dfor all the years that I've been starring (starring)
A Dstarring in a film with you and leading (leading)
A F#mleading with the star I knew but I'm waking up
C#m D E Ain along beam of light where the dust is dancing as the music fades.
Verse 2 On my way out for the very last time, off my doorstep straight into the sunshine. Walking west and following the coastline, looking for a sea change. Bridge 2
Bm F#mOh you led me here when the world began
A C#mand the breakers shook the moonlit sand.
Bm F#m A E7 Saw your pale face shining through the spray and I was blown away,
Chorus again and then just combinations of these chords until the song ends. I think it sounds about right, have fun!
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