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You Can't Make a Heart Love Somebody
        George Strait

   G                                              C
1.  At a table for two   with candle lights   and wine,
2.  reached for his hand and said, "I want you to know,

1.  that diamond burning holes in his pocket,
2.       I've done everything that I know of

1.  thinkin now's the perfect time.
2.        to make the feeling grow.
1.  When he popped the question he could see
2.  I've begged and I've pleaded with my heart,

1.  the tear drops fill her eyes.
2.  but there's no getting  through.

1.  She said, "I knew this was comin  and I'm sorry,
2.  My heart's the only part of me
1.  but I hope  you'll  realize."
2.  that's not in love with you."


G                D              Em    G7
You can't make a heart love somebody.   You can
C                  G             D            C
tell it what to do, but it won't  listen and all.
G                D              Em    D
You can't make a heart love somebody.   You can
C                   G          D               G
lead a heart  to love, but you can't make it fall.
D    C
       (2. Then she...)

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