Strangekrew – Flowers tab

Strangekrew is a hot new band from the Philippines. Check out this great song.

a lot of people have been asking for tabs of this song, so here it is.


C-Cadd9-C-C9-C (4x)

Riff (guitar 2 plays this while guitar 1 plays intro again)e|-------15-13--------------------------|B|-13-13-------15-13-15-13-12-13-13-13--| (4 times)G|--------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------|
VERSE 1 C D-Dsus-D-D9-D Another time, another day Am C-Cadd9-C-C9-C And I'll come and take you away C D-Dsus-D-D9-D I will be your mystic knight Am C-Cadd9-C-C9-C And now let's fly away REFRAIN G D Everybody says true love don't exist C D Gonna get real old and never find it G D Now and forever never lasted long C D D-Dsus-D-D9-D-Dsus-D-D9-D And once again I'm singing this song CHORUS 1 G D Take me by your side Am D Where I can see a different light Am C G Cause that is where I always want to be G D Take me into your heart Am D Where we will never part Am C And where we'll live forever G D-C With flowers by your side AD-LIB: C-Cadd9-C-C9-C (2x) VERSE 2 (Do verse 1 chords) He broke your heart but don't be sad Move on, go runaway I will be your one true love And now, let's get away REFRAIN 2 (do refrain 1 chords) I never said true love don't exist Come take my hand and we may just find it Now and forever can still go on And now for you I'm singing this song CHORUS 2(do chorus 1 chords) I'll take you by my side Where you can see a different light Cause that is where you'll always want to be I'll take you into my heart Where we will never part And where we'll live forever With flowers by our side RIFF [slight distortion](guitar 1 plays intro chords 8 times)
e|-------15-13--------------------------|B|-13-13-------15-13-15-13-12-13-13-13--| (4 times)G|--------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------|
CODA G D Take me to the heavens Am D I'll take you to the stars G D Take me into your world Am D I'll take you in my arms Am C G Come and take me away Am C G Come and take me away Am C take me away G C-D G(hold) to the flowers by your side words and music by: domkop ernie kelly ty this is strangekrew's first single. hope you enjoy it this tab is 100% correct!!! if you want a copy of the song in mp3 format or for information about the band, e-mail me at STRANGEKREW is made up of Paolo Ernie Kelly Ty Jason Chan Jestoni
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