Strangelove – The Runaway Brothers tab

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Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998 11:04:26 -0800 (PST)
From: Roger Gunnarsson 
Subject: Strangelove-song


by Strangelove

Written by Strangelove
Transcribed by Roger Gunnarsson (

This song is featured on the selftitled, third Strangelove-album. I
haven't written down any guitartabs, though I haven't figured every bit
out, but all the chords are here. I think it sounds best when you play
it on a keyboard, but guitar will do. Lovely song.


C#m      B                  A     E
I didn't want to write this song
C#m       B                   D#m     G#        C#m
becuase I love you and you've been my friend so long
            B                 A    E
We were the same when we were young
D#m              A/B
living it two as one

We shared our money and our clothes
we shaded the pain that noone else could ever know
A prison cell we made a home
doing it on our own

All thought the scraped and all the narrow escapes
you pulled me through you made me feel like I was not insane
We promised that we'd never change
holding out on the edge


  E     G#
C#m                A
life's a different story
  E     G#
C#m             G#
Sad and yet not sad in a
E     G#
C#m          A
People never do stay the
E     G#
        C#m     G#            D#m           A/H
and the runaway brothers have had their day


Remember on your wedding day
I must admit I had the strangest feeling then
Outside the church we took some flak
Both throwing up round the back

But now when we meet up today
it don't seem right that we just don't know what to say
Both stood there staring at our shoes
not knowing what to do


life's a different story
Sad and yet not sad in a
People never do stay the same
and the runaway brothers have had their day

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