Stranglers – Ugly tab

intro: B A E A (x6)

             B   A E A
I could have read
        B     A E A
A poem called
   B    A  E A
         B   A  E A
To her instead
               B    A  E A
I live for the moment
         B    A  E A
It was a futile
        B   A   E A
Gesture anyway
      B   A  E A
I was here
            B   A  E A
And she was here
            B   A  E A
And being broad
            B   A  E A
Of mind and hips
            B   A  E A
We did the only
            B   A  E A
Thing possible

E D C#5/E D (x2)

E         D              C#5/E            D
I guess I shouldn't have strangled her to death but
E        D             C#5/E             D
I had to go to work and she had laced my coffee with
E   D  C#5/E D

E D C#5/E D (x8, keyboard solo enters 3rd time)

E    D      C#5/E         D
Normally, I wouldn't have minded
E         D         C#5/E     D
But I'm allergic to sulphuric acid
E     D  C#5/E     D
Besides, she had acne
E                 D
And if you've got acne
C#5/E     D           E  D           C#5/E   D
Well, I apologise for disliking it intensely
              E              D           C#5/E    D
But it's understandable that ugly people have got complexes
E         D      C#5/E     D           E              D     C#5/E  D
I mean it seems to me that ugly people don't have a chance

E D C#5/E DE-------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------|G-------------------------------------|D-----6-9---------------6-9-----------| <- play twiceA-5s7-----7-5-5-5-5-5s7-----7-5-5-5-5-|E-------------------------------------|
E (N.C.) It's only the children or the fucking wealthy who tend be good looking! B A E A (x2) B A E A An ugly fart B A E A Attracts a good looking B A E A Chick if he's got money (repeat the above three times) repeat chords of B A E A (x17) It's different for jews somehow I'd like to see...a between...the two ugliest People in the world...when I say ugly...I don't mean rough looking I mean hideous...don't tell me that...aesthetics are...subjective you Just know the truth...when you see it...whatever it is... G (guitar simply plays the root notes!) A5 G5 D5 C5 (x4) A5 G5 ... D5 C5 Mus - cle ... pow - er! (x4) end on C5. ---------------------------------------- courtesy of Richard Stanforth
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