Stratovarius – Celestial Dream tab

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 Music and Words By: Timo Tolkki

Transcribed By: Niclas Buss (
Added By Mikhailo

Tune Down 1/2 step!

Now because of that this song is only played acoustic, You have to find the
rhythm out for your selves :). It's too much work to write how you should
strum the chords. But here you have at least the chords:

E---0--- ---0--- ---1--- ---0--- ---3--- ---0--- ---0--- ---1---B---0--- ---0--- ---1--- ---1--- ---3--- ---1--- ---1--- ---3---G---0--- ---0--- ---2--- ---2--- ---4--- ---0--- ---0--- ---2---D---2--- ---2--- ---3--- ---2--- ---5--- ---2--- ---2--- ---0---A---2--- ---3--- ---3--- ---0--- ---5--- ---3--- ---2--- -------E---0--- ------- ------- ------- ---3--- ------- ------- ------- Em Cmaj F Am G C C(1) Dm
Intro: Em | Cmaj Verse 1: Em Cmaj Em Here in the universe, I find some things that are so hard to understand. Cmaj The vastness of space just takes my breath away, I see___ through history. F Am The years they come and go. The seconds that will shape my destiny. F G The time that we spend here. Is precious, that I see so clear. Em | Cmaj Verse 2: Em Cmaj Em What is our place in here? What is the meaning of the pain that we feel? Cmaj Where did all this come from? The galaxies, the moon the stars, oh I don't know. F Am I really want to know what is the meaning of evolu_____tion. F G They say that we are the crown of all creation. Chorus: C C(1) Am So lets break free from these chains. Of fear, hate and greed. Dm G And join together singing our celestial dream. C C(1) Am Freedom is awaiting. For those wo take the path less traveled. Dm G And in the end we'll all sing our celestial dream. C || end
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