Straylight Run - Another Word For Desperate Acoustic tab

I dont know what's going on with this song and the other tabs for it on this site, but
here's how to play it if you wanna impress a crowd of people with just you and your acoustic...


e --3---3---3---3----|b --3---3---3---3----|g --0---2---0---0----|d --2---0---2---0----|a --2---0---3---2----|e --0---2--(0)--3----| strum this pattern for the intro (it's actually the same as the chorus)
e --------------------|b --------------------|g --0---2---4---4-----|d --2---0---5---5-----|a --2---0---5---5-----|e --0---2---3---3-----| (:if you want, you can use the full G chord instead of doing the last power chord. it may sound nicer, but i'd suggest saving it for the chorus :)
e --3---3---3---3---|b --3---3---3---3---|g --0---2---0---0---|d --2---0---2---0---|a --2---0---3---2---|e --0---2--(0)--3---| play this 4 times, then, heres the good part
2nd part of chorus
e --3---3---3---3-|b --3---3---3---3-|g --0---2---0---0-|d --2---0---0---0-|a --2---0---2---2-|e --0---2---3---3-|
(I wont be around here for too very long...) Play verse 2 which is the same as verse 1 Then play the chorus Then play the second part of the chorus twice (but sing it an octave higher if you can!) Bridge
e --------------------------------8-7----------------------------|b -----8-8--10/12-10-10h12-12---8-----10--8--10/12-10--8h10-8----|g ---------------------------------------------------------------|d ----- This is the lead. I think it's optional to skip if you'rea ------- playing by yourself, only cuz it doesnt sound good with--|e -----------------------------------------------------------------| out back-up.
2nd part of the bridge Now this is the fun part. Drop that pick and start finger picking this:
e --------------------------------------------------|b ------------------------------------------1--0----|g ---0--------4--2---------4---4------------------2-|d ------2-----------0--------------0----------------|a ------------------------------------2-------------|e ---0----0------2-----2-------3---------3----------|
e --------------------------------|b --------------------------------|g ---0--------4--2---------0--0---|d ------2-----------0-------------|a --------------------------------|e ---0----0------2-----2---3--3---|
here's a tip for making the above part easy... -play chord pattern for the 2nd part of the chorus and finger pick that to play the 2nd of the bridge...but -DO NOT use your pinky and ring finger for the b and e strings. instead, use your pinky hold down the 4th fret on the g string when needed. Right before the outro, hit your acoustic with your finger nail, then 2 times with your to imitate Will on drums. ( i think its a good effect, lol) Outro
e --3---3---3---3-|b --3---3---3---3-|g --0---2---0---0-|d --2---0---0---0-|a --2---0---2---2-|e --0---2---3---3-| Repeat this till the end!
Now, that should be it. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at: my sn is: alk3racer87 give me feedback! if i didnt explain the tips for the 2nd part of the bridge, please, IM me or email me, be happy to better explain myself. enjoy!
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