Straylight Run - Shoot Me In My Arms tab

hey this is my bands song so you can practice it if you want or name is Strake i just
hope some one would try to play this there is a lot of changes you got to listen to led
zepplin and modest mouse to get whole i play it


intro e|---5--8--7---------------------------------------------------------|B|--5-5--5--5--------------------------------------------------------|G|-5---5--5--5-------------------------77-----22222----22222----22222|D|7-------------444-4/-4/>-555-5/5/-77-77-----22222----22222----22222|A|--------------444-4/-4/>-555-5/5/-77-55--------------------33------|E|--------------222-2/-2/>-333-3/3/-55-----000------33---------------|
im not going to give the rest until i feel like it
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