Straylight Run - Tool Sheds And Hot Tubs Acoustic tab

Straylight Run
Tool Sheds and Hot Tubs (acoustic)
Submitted by:
Michelle Nolan is one of the best emo babes I ever met. Her voice is so pretty, She
gorgeous too!!! This song rocks, especially this acoustic version. This song is very 
if you're good at plucking. The most challenging part of this song is the refrain where 
could exercise your fingers without messing up. Also the Intro.

Tuning:  Capo on 2nd fret

Chords used:
Em  - 022000
G   - 320003
Am7 - x02010
Am  - x02210
C   - x32010
D   - xx0232


Em G Am7 C De|--0-0-0----3--------0---------0-0-2--|B|--0----3p1-0-0-0----1-1-1p0h3-1---3--|G|--0--------0----2p0-0---------0---2--|D|--2--------0--------2---------2---0--| (x2)A|--2--------2--------3---------3---x--|E|--0--------3--------x---------x---x--|
Verse 1: Em G Am7 Replacing old dreams with a flattery from new loves C D Em G Am7 a hurricane self help into this evacuation from this C D Am(start plucking) you never meant to, you never meant to Refrain: G Am D call me call me i'll answer
Plucking part: (This is part is tricky and challenging but very easy) Am Ge|--0-----------------------------3--------------------------------|B|--1-----------------------------0--------------------------------|G|--2---2-----0---------0-----2---0---------------------0-----2----|D|--2-----2-------4---4---0-----0-0-----------0h2h4---4---0-----0--|A|--0-------0---0---0-------0-----2-------2h3-------0-------0------|E|--x-----------------------------3---3h5--------------------------|
Am De|--0------------------------------2-----2---2--|B|--1------------------------------3-----3---3--|G|--2---2-----0---------0-----2----2-----2---2--|D|--2-----2-------4---4---0-----0--0-0-0-0-0-0--|A|--0-------0---0---0-------0-------------------|E|--x-------------------------------------------|
Chorus: C G Do you think that this could work out? C G Do you think you could come around? C D G Do you think that this could work out again? i don't C G I don't want to be forgotten C G While you're putting all your time in C D G Into things that don't mean anything to me Verse 2: Em G Am7 C Em It's too bad and it's even sadder losing everything that i thought G Am7 this was a lost cause it was and I never knew it C D Am(start plucking) I never knew it
Plucking part: Ame|--0---------------|B|--1---------------|G|--2---2-----0-----|D|--2-----2-------4-|A|--0-------0---0---|E|------------------|
Em G Am7 C Em Try them on and let them go it might be best to just forget me G Am7 C Am(start plucking) walk away and know you're better off to you're better off to (Repeat refrain and chorus) (Repeat Intro) Verse 3: Strum the strings softer or let ring each chord Em G Am7 C Em G Wasting faster than the hourglass it's slow but i'm not ready, not okay Am7 C D plucking) don't make this harder than it already had to be (Repeat refrain and chorus) Outro: John and Michelle's voices are higher but same chords C G Do you think that this could work out? C G Do you think you could come around? C D G Do you think that this could work out again? i don't
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