Strays Dont Sleep – For Blue Blue Skies tab

                             For Blue, Blue Skies
                              Strays Don't Sleep

Tabbed By Sean   (for Azabelle :P)

I absolutely love this song, its so nice.

This isnt 100% right, but seeing as no one else has tabbed it and everyone is asking for 
one their myspace page, i thought i wud give it a go.

These Chords repeat pretty much all the way through. Although, he starts the lyrics on 
but then changes to start on EM (i think)

e| |--0--||--0--||--4--||--0--|b| |--4--||--4--||--5--||--2--|g| |--6--||--4--||--4--||--2--|d| |--6--||--x--||--2--||--2--|a| |--4--||--2--||--x--||--0--|E| |-----||-----||--0--||-----|
C#sus7 BM11 EM AM The high piano part is simply:
e| |-7-5-||-4-0-| Repeatedb| |-----||-----|
It is hard to pick out exactly what the faded distorted guitar in the background is but I think its a bit like this:
e|-----------------------------------------|b|-----------------------------------------|g|-------------------------------------666-| It just repeats that withd|-6666-6666-6666-6666/9999-9999-9999-9----| some scales and somea|-----------------------------------------| harmonics over it.E|-----------------------------------------|
Hope this is OK! will keeping working on the faded dist guitar to see if i can tab the and harmonics.
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