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CWeíre hurting
EmAs our innocence decays
C EmAnd I wonder: will it ever be the same?
CYouíll tear me apart
EmIn the course of game
CRules were written
EmIn ways I canít understand
H Em H Em He never meant it
C Em HBut that wonít prevent my soul from breaking
EmWhy do you hide from me
Why do you lie? Iíll take the weaknesses
HThat rattle my life
And blame you for them
EmHow have I let you down
What do you mean? You canít just take the pain
HIn all that you see
And blame me for it II
CIíll tear you apart
EmTrust me I know just the way
CBut I wonder
EmWill I ever feel the same?
H Em H Em I never meant it
C Em HBut that wonít prevent your soul from breaking
I didnít mean to cause you pain Itís just all part of the game By Lady Margoth
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