Streets - Dont Mug Yourself tab

Tabbed by: tobym


e|--6-x-6-6-6---3--3-3---1--------------------------------------------------|B|--6-x-6-6-6---5--5-5---1--------------------------------------------------|G|--7-x-7-7-7---5--5-5---2--------------------------------------------------|D|--8-x-8-8-8---5--5-5---3--------------------------------------------------|A|--8-x-8-8-8---3--3-3---3--------------------------------------------------|E|--6-x-6-6-6---3--3-3---1--------------------------------------------------| / / \ \ / / / \ /
This is the tab translated to guitar, if you want the real thing just use the bass Bb, C, F PLEASE RATE MY TAB /= downstroke \= upstroke
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