Stretch Arm Strong - When Sorrow Falls tab

*this is my first tab, so be easy*
sounds best on acoustic

Band	Stretch Armstrong
Song	When Sorrow Falls
Album	Rituals of Life

*Dropped D Tuning*fast tempoe|-------------|---------------|-------------|--------------|\B|-------------|---------------|-------------|--------------|/G|-------------|---------------|-------------|--------------|\D|-0-3-2-0-----|-----3-2---0---|-----2-3-2---|--------------|/A|-0-------3-0-|-1h3-----3---1-|-1h3-------3-|---0-3----0-4-|\D|-------------|---------------|-------------|-3------2-----|/
Repeat (then goes into muted strumming like D Bb C F A) That's all I've got so far, drop a line for comments, questions, suggestions.
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