Strike Anywhere – Chalk Line Acoustic tab

Artist: Strike Anywhere
Song: Chalk Line
Album: Punk Goes Acoustic
Tabbed by: Nhat Nguyen (

Tuning: standard

Hey everyone this is my first tab of all. I couldn't find the tabs for it so I decided 
tab it myself. Its kinda almost 100% but not quite. If there are any correction let me know.

Strumming Patterns not shown.... Its easy you'll figure it out.

Intro: 2xE|-----0----x----x----x---------||B|-----1----x----x----x---------||G|-----2----2----5----x---------||D|-----2----3----5----5---------||A|-----0----3----3----5---------||E|-0---x----1----x----3---------||
Verse 1: play intro 4x We see the billboard girl the one devoted to ritual standing in the rain holding all of her pain inside I know you're hurting now but I can't point my finger at the words I should or shouldn't say anything to take the pain away
walk alone on the streets tonight and fear nothing Choose to love what we are in this life and shine brighter don't let the crosses and dollar signs the symbols of man unkind make you feel that you're not real all this time walk out out of the shadows repeat Intro Verse 2: repeat intro 2x we see the lines in chalk the warning sign for where we walk in the shadows of the cities maze to try and fight for better days repeat chorus
Verse 3E|--0---| |---0--x--x--x-----0--x--x--x--(x)--x----||B|--1---| |---1--x--x--x-----1--x--x--x--(5)--x----||G|--2---| |---2--2--5--x-----2--2--5--x--(5)--x----||D|--2---| |---2--3--5--5-----2--3--5--7--(3)--5----||A|--0---| |---0--3--3--5-----0--3--3--7--(x)--5----||E|--x---| |0--x--1--x--3--0--x--1--x--5--(x)--3----|| | | | holdstrum up and down softly as repeated
yeah we're ungrateful yeah we're ungrateful for holy books, religious men values of beauty, original sin all this time we unwind it i won't give up, i'm not afraid repeat intro Verse 3 : repeat intro 2x Resister go as long as it takes to reverse the hypocrisy challenge the stakes of safety and survival at the heart of women's voices women's art repeat chorus
Ending:E|----0-------|B|----1-------|G|----2-------|strumn up and down softly as repeatedD|----2-------| and hammer a couple of timeA|----0-------|E|----x-------|
if we take our strength to market to trade for their ugly beauty
h h h h hE||--xx---0---x---xx---0---x---xx---0---x---xx---0---x---xx-||B||--xx---1---x---xx---1---x---xx---1---x---xx---1---x---xx-||G||--xx---2---x---xx---2---x---xx---2---x---xx---2---x---xx-||D||--77---2---5---77---2---5---77---2---5---77---2---5---77-||A||--77---0---5---77---0---5---77---0---5---77---0---5---77-||E||--55---x---3---55---x---3---55---x---3---55---x---3---55-|| (im not sure about this part)watch us |grow up |_3xto war |
grow up to war no more
That's about it. Have fun!~
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