Strings - Akhri Alvida tab

chords by-Digvijay Dharwa

    the song is played with different i had mentioned:-

          CHORDS        (EBGDAE)
           G            (334553)
           Bm           (234422)
           C            (010233)
           D            (232003)

         Here the song goes:-

               INTRO-- G Bm G Bm

         dhadkane khamosh hai kuch kehti nahi
            G        Bm            C       Bm
         yeh aakhri alvida na ho...
             C         G        Bm

         chahatein aankho se...... behti nahi
            G         D               G    Bm
         yeh aakhri alvida na ho
           C           G     Bm

         is dard ko dil.... dil me rehne do
             G       Bm      C       D
         jo khuf hai aankhon se aankho se kehne do
             G         Bm         C         D
        rukti nadi chup chaap behne do
          G    Bm     C        D
        jo kehna hai tum dheere se keh do...
          G           C             D
         yeh aakhri alvida na hoo.............
           C          D         Bm

         similarly the song goes on.......

                          if any suggestions,
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