Stroke 9 - Little Black Backpack tab

Stroke 9 - Little Black Backpack

Em7 D Cadd9 Em7e|------------3----2-----3--3------3------------------------------------B|------------3----3-----3--3------3-----------------------------------G|------------0----2-----0--0------0--------------------------------D|--2-4-5----2----0-----2--2------2---------------------------A|------------2-----------3--3------2--------------------------E|-------------0---------------------0------------------------
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Verse Em7 D Cadd9 Em7 D Cadd9 Well I know it, it's a shame, a shame I can't show it Em7 D Cadd9 Em7 D Cadd9 And I see it, I can see it now, but I'm so far below it --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chorus (Silent) G Am C D G Don't wanna, don't wanna talk about it, I say why not G Am C D G Don't wanna think about it, I say theres got G Am C D G To be some good reason for your little black backpack Am C D Upsmack turn around he's on his back and G Am Dont wanna tango with you, I'd rather tangle with him C D I think I'm gonna bash his head in G Am This shouldn't concern you except that C D Cadd9 Just don't expect to get your bloody little backpack back -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Repeat Intro] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Em7 D Cadd9 And I can feel you, yes I can Em7 D Cadd9 What about that dont you understand Em7 D Cadd9 And I sense you its somethin sensual Em7 D Cadd9 But its less than I planned ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Repeat Chorus ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cadd9 Em7 D Cadd9 Your tryin to find the reason for the way you feel tonight Cadd9 Em7 D Cadd9 Your mind is lined with layers of lead, have you heard one thing that I've said ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Repeat Chorus (x2) Tabbed by Andrew Biles (
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