Stroke 9 – Washin And Wonderin tab

Artist: Stroke 9
Album: Nasty Little Thoughts
Song: Washin' and Wonderin'
Transcribed by: Rachel Wiley

This is a great one that no one really knows yet by these guys.  It should be on the radio soon enough.  
and if you have any questions e-mail me at

Intro: There is none, it starts with a pickup

Verse: A, B, E, C#m

Verse: (use intro riff) A B E This just in...where to begin A B D Grin and bear, it's bare and grim A E C#m Adoration, titillation, I'm the victim now A Because she's figured me out B E A she lights my candle, she has a handle on me E C#m It's going well but I'm scared as hell A That she'll figure me out B E A She thinks that it's scared to be naked A E C#m But I don't care, 'cause she's had me there A You see she's figured me out Chorus: A, C#m, B, F#m A C#m B F#m And I wanna shout at the top of my lungs now A C#m B F#m But oh my God, if she hears me she'll come running in... A C#m These are my hands, these are my faults B These are my plans, F#m These are my nasty little thoughts A C#m B I wrote 'em down for you to contemplate F#m at a later date Bridge using Verse chords. Do a little lead in C#m pentatonic Verse 2: (same idea as verse 1; I gave you the lyrics) Well the word is out, what's it all about Doubtless shady, no shadow of doubt In moderation, this sensation would be fabulous But she's figured me out She's in my shower for an hour She's just washin' and wonderin' And trying to figure me out... Chorus (same as before) Psuedo Bridge: (not really a bridge) A E C#m F#m It's a little bit of something that I feel... Oh man, I just can't deal... And other than this distance that has covered me Can't you see that you have smothered me Verse 3: Well, you're there, just stay out there Just when I was on to something else That's when she figured me out Chorus and repeat the words "at a later date" ending with a C#m, B, A retard
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