Strokes – Someday Acoustic chords

*Dan's edited


A Bm D E F#me|-5--7--5--7--9---|B|-5--7--7--9--10--|G|-6--7--7--9--11--|D|-7--9--7--9--11--|A|-7--9--5--7--9---|E|-5--7--x--x--x---|
AIn many ways
Bm They'll miss the good old days
D ASomeday, someday
A Yeah, it hurts to say
Bm But I want you to stay
D ASometimes, sometimes
AWhen we was young
BmOh, man, did we have fun
D AAlways, always
A Promises
Bm They break before they're made
D ASometimes, sometimes
A E F#mOh, my ex says I'm lacking in depth
D AI will do my best
A E F#mYou say you want to stay by my side
D ADarling, your head's not right
A E F#mI see alone we stand, together we fall apart
D A Yeah, I think I'll be alright
A E F#mI'm working so I won't have to try so hard
D ATables they turn sometimes
EOh, someday
ANow I ain't wasting no more time
And now my fears They come to me in threes So I sometimes Say faith my friend You say the strangest things I find sometimes CHORUS: The only big difference from the other posts is in the chorus. cheers -Dan
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