Strokes - Obstinate tab

Band: The strokes
In transit DVD - Obstinate

Hey Guys, hereīs the intro,itīs pretty easy, Iīm working on the keyboard tab and chords. 
wanted to submit this tab as soon as possible cuz thereīs no obstinate guitar tab on 
net, or at least I couldnīt find it.

e----5---7---5----------5---7---5--| B -7---7---7---7------7---7---7----| G ---------------------------------| D ---------------------------------| A ---------------------------------| E ---------------------------------|
e 9--11--9--9--x3--9-13-11-9-------| B 9--11--9--9------9-13-11-9-------| G ---------------------------------| D ---------------------------------| A ---------------------------------| E ---------------------------------|
Yeah but thatīs it... LONG LIVE THE STROKES.......
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