Strung Out – Razorblade chords

Song: Razorblade
Band: Strung Out
Album: The Element of Sonic Defiance

Chords: Am, F, G, C, Dm

Intro: Am, Am, F, G 

Am F GGot a feeling you were alone and on the run
Am F Gwith your suitcase filled with razorblades and turpentine sad eyes
Am F Gof a scarlet glazed in promises made too divine to be real
Am F G a runaway too shiftless to know what is wrong don't make it right
F G Amand sometimes I wonder if I knew you could I change you or
F G C (hold for 2 bars)would you be the same to me right now
(repeat the Am, Am, F, G intro)
Am F G your reason to live became a reason to die and now you're gone
Am F G I think about you in black in white faded news paint still life memory
Am F (onebar) G (onebar) of a broken body in a cheap perfume disguise
Am F Gwell I just wanna know you found some peace before you left this place
F G Am well it's alright to be afraid of what your eyes can't hide with both hands tied
F G Amdid you sink yourself, did you cheat yourself, how did you stray so far to end up here
F G Amto know yourself is to destroy yourself, and what you are you could not hide
F G C (two bars)a clue is all I have to understand
For the break down and solo play the Am, Am, F G riff.
C Dm Fsound and bled instant fame in red now you're in the spotlight again
C Dm Fa different tale with a darker twist but for sure you knew that you would always be the star
C Dm Fno lost innocence because there never was just you and the world
C Dm F F F F G G G no fairy tale could ever end like this itís just another bad luck tale
C Dm Fall used up and on the run from you
Outro is Am, Am, F, G
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