Strung Out - Velvet Alley Acoustic tab

Velvet Alley (acoustic)-Strung Out

I'm not going to take the time to tab this out because its all just simple picking. Here are the chords

     Cm           Bb            Ab

you can't make me see what you think i should know

     Cm        Bb             Ab
you dont understand where im coming from

       Cm              Bb          Ab
we're passing through worlds no perception in time

   Cm               Bb      Ab
im not the same as when i began

Cm      Bb   Cm      Bb
show me dont tell me whats

Cm       Ab                 Bb
going on inside your little world

                Cm                  Bb
you should have never landed on the moon

             Cm                Bb
you heard we never reached the sky

     Cm                   Ab             Bb
then shed some light i'll lend a patient ear

Ab          Cm
dont let me down i gotta know

   Bb                   Cm               Bb
if something good could grow out on this rock

Ab      Cm
save me one more time

    Bb                Cm              Bb
and i'll be free from what i think it ought to be

Riff 1

e---------------------------------------------------------------------------|b---------------------------------------------------------------------------|g-----0---3----1----0-------------------------------------------------------|d-----------------------3---1----0-h-1--------------------------------------|a-3-3---3---3----3----3---3---3---------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------------------------------------|(last time through arpeggio a Bb chord)
Cm Bb Ab bab ble on Cm Bb Ab could i be wrong
Cm Bb a silhouette of you and me Cm Bb just negative space and time Cm Ab Bb just reference to a simpler history cm Bb Cm Bb i'd sacrifice a million nights for a moments peace with you Cm Ab Bb reflections to dissect reality ab Cm it's all in what we hold as being real Bb Cm Bb when the symbol kills the substance then we've lost Ab Cm save me one more time Bb Cm Bb Cm and i'll be free from the alleyways of my heart, my heart Riff 1 (Cm) Cm Bb im going nowhere Cm Ab im going nowhere inside this head of mine Cm Bb we're going nowhere Cm Ab Bb we're going nowhere inside this state of mind
Ab sit and stay awhile Cm Bb Cm Bb talk to me about the things that make you real Ab Cm Bb Cm Bb lets forget about all that make you and me surrender, surrender
Fade out on thise-----------------------|b---------4p3-------o---|g-----------------------|d-----------------------|a--3-3--------------o---|e-----------------------|
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