Stryper – Always There For You tab

Stryper was a very popular Christian rock band in the 80's.  They will be
releasing a best of in the spring on Hollywood Records, and there will be
a scene in the new Charlies Angels movie featuring people in Stryper t-shirts.
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Recorded by Stryper and released on "In God We Trust" circa 1988, Enigma records.
Transcribed here by Ted Corby,

tune down 1/2 step


Verse 1 A5 C#m Bm E Love can be so cold A5 C#m Bm E And loneliness gets old F#5 E5 D5 D5/C#m/B5 (slide) More than words or broken promises B5 D5 G E5 I want to show you what true love is Chorus A5 D5 D5/C#m (slide) I'm always there for you B5 D5 A5 I'll always stand by you F#5(no 3rd) F5(no 3rd) When the world has closed the door E5(no 3rd) D#5(no3rd) And you can't go on anymore D5 E5 A5 D5 E5 I'm always there for you Verse 2 You've been hurt before And you don't want anymore There's a better way for you Believe in me, I'll see you through Chorus Solo
Chorus (modulate up 1/2 step) Bb-D#-DC-D#-BbG-F#-F-E (no 3rd's)D#-F-Bb
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