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In God We Trust

F#(no 3rd)                 E(no 3rd) D(no 3rd)
      It's been said money talks, if so what
                          B(no 3rd)
does____  it say,_______       four simple
E(no 3rd)     F(no 3rd)      F#(no 3rd)   A(no 3rd)  E(no 3rd)
words     we    see    every  day._____________________________
D(no 3rd)  C#(no 3rd)  F#(no 3rd)                  E(no3rd)
  ___                             The rich the poor,____ heaven
D(no 3rd)                                      B(no 3rd)
is        for   those ____  who    choose._____          Don't
                E(no 3rd)         F(no 3rd)       F#(no 3rd)
put your trust in   money    you'll   lose,_________________
____          A(no 3rd)  E(no3rd)  D(no 3rd)  C#(no 3rd)    F#m
         Again         and       again.      IN     God     we
         E                               Dmaj7
trust, in him we  must    belive                He is the
A                                  F#m
on - ly  way._______  In God we trust,  His
E                           Dmaj7
Son    we    must    re  - ceive       To-
                  E      F(no 3rd)
mor - row's __ too late  Ac-cept  him___  to-
F#(no 3rd)               F#(no 3rd)
day.____________         day.____________ D.S.
                                          and Fade
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