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Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2002 
Subject: d/davis_stuart/
Rock Stars and Models by Stuart Davis
Submitted by Del Kreiser

Verse I

A					G
I’m gonna burn down this hotel

G					A
I’m gonna fill the pool with drugs

A					G
I’m gonna punch a camera man

G					D
I’m gonna bring a gun through customs 

I will, I will heroine OD 

A		E
Rock stars need models

D		 E
like babies need bottles

D	    A
Models need rock stars

E		   D
like cave men need strip bars

    A		   E
and sports cars to throttle

Model, rock star

Rock star, model 

(fill 1)

You put snowballs up your nose
and fingers down your throat

(fill 1)

That’s why your skin glows
and you weigh less than your coat 

You’re much more than a beautiful waitress 


I’m the mirror on your wall
You’re my blow-up doll 

Kiss me! 



Transcriber Notes:

Below is my transcription of the guitar fills that stu does in between
the 80's power chord rock. There's one more fill that i cannot decipher (yet), 
which Stu plays during the chorus. Please add or update this if you can 
figure it out. Enjoy. 

Guitar Fill 1

E |------------------------------------|B |----3/5-2b3r2-----3/5-2b3r2---------|G |-2-------------2--------------------|D |-2-------------2--------------------|A |-0-------------0--------------------|E |------------------------------------|
Guitar Outro
E |------------------------------------|B |----3/5-2b3r2-----3/5-2b3r2---------|G |-2-------------2-------------0-0-0-2|D |-2-------------2-------------0-0-0-2|A |-0-------------0-------------2-0-0-0|E |-----------------------------3-2----|
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