Toy Boy tab ver. 2 with lyrics by Stuck In The Sound - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Stuck In The Sound – Toy Boy tab ver. 2

First off, this is my first tab. And I have to add, this is just the main riff in the 
not the whole song nor the intro.
Standar tuning here, nothing special. Just grab the guitar and play.
It goes like this:

e -------------------------------------------------------------|b -------------------------------------------------------------|g -------------------------------------------------------------|d -------------------------------------------------------------|A ----------------------4-4--4-5-5--5-5-5--5-------------------|E -2-2--2-2-2--2-5-5--5----------------------3-3--3-3-3--3-2-2-|
Yup, that's 100% correct. Well, get's kinda boring, but hey, someone can tab the whole ;D
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