Styx - Desert Moon chords

DESERT MOON by Dennis Deyoung

D Bm G A     
D Bm G ...A 
D Is this the train to Desert Moon
Bmwas all she said.
GBut I knew I'd heard that
A Dstranger's voice before.
DI turned to look into her eyes,
Bmbut she moved away.
EmShe was standing in the rain.
CTrying hard to speak my name.
Bm A GThey say first love never runs dry.
DThe waiter poured our memories
Bminto tiny cups.
GWe stumbled over
Awords we longed to hear.
DWe talked about the dreams we'd lost,
Bmor given up.
EmWhen the whistle caught the night.
CAnd shook silence from our lives.
GAs the last train
A G rolled toward the moon.
DThose summer nights.When we were young.
We bragged of things, We'd never done.
G We were dreamers,
Aonly dreamers.
DAnd in our haste, to grow too soon,
We left our innocence on Desert Moon.
G AWe were dreamers, only dreamers.
GOn Desert Moon.
DOn Desert Moon.
GOn Desert Moon.
DDesert Moon.
F A D Bm G A D Bm G A
DI still can hear the whisper
Bmof the summer nights.
G It echoes in the
A Dcorners of my heart.
DThe night we stood and
Bmwaited for the desert train.
G AAll the words we meant to say.
G AAll the chances swept away.
Bm A GStill remain on the road to undo.
DThose summer nights,
when we were young. We bragged of things we'd never done.
GWe were dreamers,
Aonly dreamers.
DMoments pass,
and time moves on. But dreams remain for just as long,
GAs there's dreamers.
AAll the dreamers.
GOn Desert Moon.
DOn Desert Moon.
GOn Desert Moon.
DDesert Moon
Repeat and fade... - this is my best guess by picking my guitar along with the .mp3 - enjoy! Page Gedney 2/23/2011
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