Styx – Waiting For Our Time tab

==>IntroBasically, you just slide the D chord up and down, from to to 4, to 5, the to 7 and back V-Let ringE-2--2-2-2/4/5--5-5-5/7\4--4-4-4/5\2B-3--3-3-3/5/6--6-6-6/8\5--5-5-5/6\3G-2--2-2-2/4/5--5-5-5/7\4--4-4-4/5\2 Repeat 2xD-0--0-0-0-0-0--0-0-0-0-0--0-0-0-0-0A-----------------------------------E-----------------------------------
==>Body ****NOTE:During each verse, every time D Major is restated, its actually Dsus4->D. the suspension gets only one downstroke, and then hammer on to D D D Looking up from where I stand D I see the vapor trail G A Of a jet plane in the sky D D Here the wheel is in my hand D But there’s no wind in my sails G A And life is drifting by Pre-chorus: C G Still I hold on and wait C I know it’s not too late Bb D And my breeze will come C G Muse you satisfy my soul Keep me warm while the C Bb Cold world guards the gate ==>Chorus D I’m searching D I’m wondering D I’m yearning C Bb Waiting for our time to come D I’m searching D I’m wondering D I’m yearning C Bb Waiting for our time to come D D Your love has kept my dream alive D A vision of my life G A With you here by my side D D Every forward step I take D Every moment I’m awake G A I feel your love inside C G So close I feel it in my bones C Bb D I know I’m not alone as I climb this wall C G But I, sometimes I get so high C I just want to live, love Bb And taste it all Chorus ==>Bridge E6 Here tonight G I lie awake and watch you dream E6 Under the light of the moon G A I wonder just how far we’ve been A G And where we’ll be Bb When the sun comes up G Will this be our date with destiny Chorus 2x And I’m waiting
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