Subhumans - Ashtray Dirt tab

Subhumans - Ashtray Dirt

Your lungs have got a dirty stain All you feel's a cancer pain Fingers turned a sticky yellow color Every one fag is less one hour of your life
LIFE! LIFE! LIFE! Verse: Don't be a sucker and mess up your life Smoking them fags from 9 to 5 You might as well eat the dirty dog-ends You know you're going round the bend They'll put you away Chorus: AWAY! ´WAY! ´WAY!
Verse I dunno why you smoke them No. 6 A packet of fags is a packet of tricks I dunno why you smoke them f**king cigars You're gonna stay helpless the way you are Chorus ...You were but now you're dead with your ashtray dirt
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