Subhumans - All Gone Dead tab

Subhumans - All gone dead

NC All is quiet, all is dead the city has melted the sun is penetrated through our heads the world has ended the gas has gone it killed the people now the mutants live on
e:----------------|b:----------------|g:9---9---9--10---|d:9---9---9--10---|4x as chorusa:7---7---7---8---|e:----------------|
So long the world thatīs what they said itīs 1984 and itīs all gone dead dead dead dead
NC There is no England anarchy is right but donīt contradict or try to fight itīs always darkthere is no light and 77 had rose to its height Chorus They shouldnīt have brought back hanging it caused a lot of fuss no one could trust the government we had the fuckers sussed there are no banks left they all went bust and the houses of parliament is just a pile of dust Chorus Itīs 1984 and thereīs gonna be a war!
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