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Culture Addict by Subhumans or lavazza as UG profile

Intro 4xe:---------------|b:---------------|g:8-886-66-8--6--|d:8-886-66-8--6--|a:6-664-44-6--4--|e:---------------|
Upper downer side to side we live to watch or have ago let´s reproduce the advert life that winks the yes and yells the no
NOW YOU`RE JUST A CULTURE ADDICT And smells the basic contradiction what you need is more addiction When every desire is up for sale Greed succeeds as reason fails
Chorus: Addicted tricked but then I fixed it Kicked it missed it couldn´t resist it Intro 2x What´s addiction? who´s to say Gegrees extreme or every day with repitition it begins realisation sinking in NOW YOU`RE JUST A CULTURE ADDICT No more choice of take or leave it the 'double-sided' can´t believe it how did something so brand new become the only thing to do Chorus pleasure was the measure used to judge the idea of success But then your conscience got abused by false conceptions of the best Now it´s too easy to get more and more of what you needing less And harder too to reach a point beyond this culture of excess Chorus
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