Sublime – I Saw Red tab

                   SUBLIME:I Saw Red
               As heard on Acoustic Album                   

          A (barchord)                G (barchord)
 Verse 1: Every day I love her just a little bit more......
          A                              A...
 Bridge:  Baby if you want to get low
          G                              G...
          Baby if you want to get high

                      D (barchord)          
          It makes no sense at all 

          I saw red

                A            G     D               G                 A
 Chorus:  I saw red    I saw red   One more secret lover that I shot dead

          A                          G
 Verse 2: Every day I wake up just a little bit more.....

 Bridge (repeat)
 Chorus (repeat)
          A             G                        A       G
 Verse 3: Girls dont go crazy......x3 when a man use you no
             D               C         D               C  
          Oh woman hold your man tight if it makes you feel right
                   A          G        A
          its your own life.  RA!
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