Sublime – Perfect World tab

Sublime - Perfect World
By Neil R. Rose

My first tab. I couldn't find any perfect world tabs, so I chose to do this one.

Play this ska style with the up strums.

INTRO: Ee||-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B||---9-xx--9----9--9-----8/9----9--x--9----9--x--9--x--9--x--9---8/9--8/9--|G||---9-xx--9----9--9-----8/9----9--x--9----9--x--9--x--9--x--9---8/9--8/9--|D||---9-xx--9----9--9-----8/9----9--x--9----9--x--9--x--9--x--9---8/9--8/9--|A||---7-xx--7----7--7-----6/7----7--x--7----7--x--7--x--7--x--7---6/7--6/7--|E||-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
VERSE: E Oobooboo, take a look at you, hanging on Third and Daisy. Wohbobo, policemen after you, smokin' crack cocaine makes you crazy. You think everythings perfect in your world today, you thing everythings just Eeriee. Take off your glass pipe, take off your sunglasses, and tell me what you can see. A B And I see LIES, corruption, look this way, Dm Em Girly on the corner, but she's not okay. A B you got lies, you got rats in the street, Dm Em you got no shoes, no shoes on the baby's feet.
CHORUS: E Be||-----------------7--x--7----------------------|B||--x--9--x--9--x--7--x--7----------------------|G||--x--9--x--9--x--8--x--8----------------------|D||--x--9--x--9--x--9--x--9----------------------|A||--x--7--x--7--x--9--x--9----------------------|E||-----------------7--x--7----------------------|
E B E B E E B E Woahohoho, its a perfect world, yeah, yeah nanana its a perfect world. B E B E E EEEE Oh ahh, it's a perfect world, it's a perfect world, heaw. VERSE (Same as Verse 1): Woahbobo, take a look at you, on your way to Kenny's. Bobobo, wont you stop that crap? Smoking that (bong) makes you crazy. But everythings crazy in the world today, so you, you might as well smoke it anyway. I said you might as well, if it, will it, you will like that, which you can not tell. What is up? What's down? What is up? What's down? What's up? What's down? I don't know it's going around. Head is spining, and it feel alright, but the kids, the kids, the kids are alright. CHORUS (Same as Chorus 1): Woahohoho, its a perfect world, yeah, woahohnono its a perfect world. Gotta keep living in a perfect world. Gotta keep pushing in a perfect world. Gotta keep pushing in a perfect world. Gotta keep pushing in a... You want us to end it right there?
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