Sublime – Eye Of Fatima tab

Cool song off the Bradley Nowell and Friends acoustic album. Im not 100% sure 
about the lyrics toward the end but its close enough.

B                         G#
She got the eye of Fatima in the wall of his room

B                        G#
Three bottles of tequila, three cats and a broom

A                         E			
He got a 15-year-old angel and sheย’s all dressed in black

G#   A   Bb    B

B                   A                 F#
He got 15 bindles of cocaine tied up in a sack

B                                G#
This heres a government experiment and were trying like hell

B                            G#
To get some cowboys on acid and to stay in hotels

A                                           E
Were gonna eat up some wide open spaces like we were the top of the nile

G#     A     Bb      B

B                         A                    F#
The hands on the clock are gonna be there a while

B                          G#
An eye of an eye of Fatima, wall of a hotel room

B                         G#
Got cowboys on acid while I eat shit cartoons

A                                   E
No one ever conquered Wyoming from the left or from the right

G#     A     Bb      B

B                        A                    F#
Just to stay in hotel rooms and stay up all night
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