Sublime – Rivers Of Babylon tab


here ya go.  all the requested info is in the file

     ----/rivers of babylon, from the sublime cd "40oz to freedom"\----
artist: sublime/b. dall/f mc(something)
guitar tab
rivers of babylon
transcribed by: The Neon Samurai ( the guitar hacka!

	ok this is a great old sca tune (yes sca can be slow and gospel like
	regae.  'tis jamaican after all.)


intro/main and only riff: |G| |D|D7|D| |G||-------------------|\ /two|-------------------|-------------------||-------------------| \ / two|-------------------|----0--------------||-------------------| \/ two|-------------------|0h3---3p0----------||------0------------| /\ two|0-0----------------|----------3p0------||--2h3--------------| / \ two|----3-2------------|-------------------||3------------------|/ \two|-------------------|-------------------|
when the lyrics start play the g chord for two bars, then the d, repeat till the lyrics end and then play the intro/main and only riff again... and play this song with heart and soul my friends, it's a great tune, realy touching :) gotta love the steel drum solo, here's the lyrics: By the rivers of babylon where he sat down and there he went to remember zion oh father wiccan(?) carry us away (from) captivity require from us a song how can we thinking of a song in a strange land? (silence the guitar for that line) so let the words of our mouth and the meditations of our hearts be acceptible in thy sight over us (first riff, steel drum solo) Gsustain Dsustain how can we thinking of a song in a strange land
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