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Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 10:04:56 -0500 (EST)
Subject: CRD: superstar_punani.crd by Sublime

Song: Superstar Punani
Band: Sublime
Album: Second-hand Smoke (1997)
Written by Bradley
Transcribed by Luke Knox (

The whole song uses a basic ska rythym, and is just these chords: D F Bb A Dm GE--10---8---6---5---5---3---B--10--10---6---5---6---3---G--11--10---7---6---7---4---D--12--10---8---7---7---5---A---------------------------E---------------------------
The intro progression: D F Bb A Verse: Dm Bb A Bridge: G Dm G A Chorus is same as intro: D F Bb A Lyrics: (my interpretation) (Verse): So tell me if you really wanna be a superstar, a fiesta on the mic and it will surely take you far. You make that drop on the twenty foot tracks, mix it all down and you put it on wax. Beginning is hype when you're playing in the bars in the bottomless pit where you make loose and far. Take with your pipers and you take your guitar, then take your woman and then pound your gong. (Bridge): Well beginning on wisdom I won't get you too far. First you'll have to sell your soul, to be a superstar. (Verse): Maybe if you got it, forget about that, yo money don't concern you that's a natural fact. Shut up your mouth before you get knocked down. We're gonna listen to your voice upon the speaker box. And first you get a manager but what does he do? I'll be the first to tell you baby that I don't have a clue, we're gonna make a funky image for the MTV, hear it on the radio say damn, that's me. (Bridge): Whenever I get over on a three-piece harm, Jesus and his momma gonna break your arm, put your ass in the john, oh to be a superstar, oooohhh (Chorus): Realize sometimes I feel like a sign, oh you're in a position and you just can't hide. Ruff, ruff, ruffruffruff (Verse): All around the world you gotta make that trip and then you never thought you'd see the day you'd act like this. Your rep is gettin bigger than a B-52 and it gets around the world before it gets back to you. Hey! All of a sudden, can you believe before your eyes this shit has come down to me. I gotta take a west-bound to side, so long, say so long, say so long, see ya. (Bridge): Oh, my God if I'da let my own knife take it, turn around and place it home. (Chorus) (Restart, with probably improvised lyrics I can't really make out except this:) Bo, what you want what you need? . . . . Punani, Punani, won't you love me? Punani, Punani, Punani ("Let the dogs go. . Let'em go") That's it! These chords are right, but I sure could use some help on these lyrics. Questions, comments, changes? E-mail me! Luke
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