Sublime - What Happened tab version 2

Tabbed by:Gannon Smith

I've seen some other tabs for the intro on here, and it seems like they haven't even 
to the song yet, so enjoy this correct version.

e|----5/7--7---x-x-x-x---7---x-x-x-x---7--7\5-----|B|----5/7--7---x-x-x-x---7---x-x-x-x---7--7\5-----|G|----6/8--8---x-x-x-x---8---x-x-x-x---8--8\6-----|D|----7/9--9---x-x-x-x---9---x-x-x-x---9--9\7-----|A|------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------| That's about it, I'm not sure how many times it repeats, so I hope that anyone this has also been graced with that highly coveted skill of counting.
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