Sublime – Sweet Little Rosie chords

This is such a dope little reggae dub song by Sublime. Definitely one of my favorite 
songs by them.
The bass tabs to this song has already been posted so here are the chords to it. Its 
only 2 chords.

These 2 chords are played throughout the entire song in that reggae down stroke stylee:

C C Ab Abe---8---8-------6---6---|B---8---8-------6---6---|G---9---9-------7---7---|D---10--10------8---8---|A---10--10------8---8---|E---8---8-------6---6---|
And those are the chords for the entire song right there. If you have any questions, comments or reggae song requests let me know in the comments. Have fun rocking this sweet little reggae song ladies and gentlemen.
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