Sublime – New Realization tab

New Realization Chords
Artist: Sublime
Album: Second Hand Smoke
Tuning: Standard (EADGBE)
Note:  It's easiest to play the quick "D C Bb G" progression barred.
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G Em G Em

G 		         Em		     
The time has come to reach a new reali-
G				Em
zation 'tween me and you. 
G                 Em		
Time to clear the	rumors, sensations, and		
G				 Em  
things that just are not true. Well I
C                     Am
thought I heard you behind me, with a
C                     D
knife straight for my back. It's quite
C		   G				    Em
clear that I'm back in the swing of the living, although I
G				  Em
might not be on the right track. Oh
D 				       C              Bb       
thought I might drown but it's hard to keep a good man 
G                        Em             
down-town's where you'll find me, threw 
G              Em
some ill guy a hand. 
  G              Em             G              Em
Although I never listen girl, I damn well understand. And you
C                  Am
think, I'm so damn feeble. I
C                      D                 C        
can't see through you're lies, you're just a crock of 
G                   Em             G             Em
shit, with a pretty smile, and I refuse to compromise. Oh,
D                     C             Bb    G
you're giving me such a heavy, heavy, heavy load. 

Bass Solo)
Em  G  Em  C  D  C Bb 

G                 Em                  G                       Em
You may hold some vision of truth, if truth can be found in a lie. 
G                   Em                 G                  Em
Maybe some grain of inspiration, for a song that's deep inside. Oh,
C             Am         
tears running down you're face, just screaming
C               D
"look me in the eye". Well I'm
C                G               Em
looking straight at your twisted face, and it's
 G                Em
enough to make me cry. The
D                 C         Bb
path is there for those who want to, 
G                Em
pay the price of loving you, 
G                 Em
in more ways than one. 
G                   Em
Wrapped around you're finger, but I 
G                 Em
think my time has come, but I 
C            Am
never can be too sure, cuz I 
C                     D
like to have a little fun. Oh, 
C        G              Em  
what fun it would be to blow my mind and 
G             Em
fall into the sun. A 
D         C        Bb       G
mind is a precious thing to taste. 

Much love to Bradley.
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