Sublime – Legalize It tab


of course, this one goin out to all the real heads.

legalize it (my mp3 says sublime and 311 but i think its just sublime)

intro riff (x4)e-----------------------------------------------------------|b-----------------------------------------------------------|g------------------3----------------------------------------|d------4--4--4------6--6--6--2--4--4--4------2--------------|a------------------------------------------------4----------|e-----------------------------------------------------------|
^^the above riff is continuously played throughout the song. rhythm part (after four bars of the intro riff, a second guitar comes in) play upstrokes on two and four (reggae style)
thats all, and after every four bars, a funky drum fill. lyrics (done by me, so whatever) legalize it don't criticize it legalize it, yeah and i will advertise it some of them call it ganja some of them call it buddha some call it marijuana, yeah i still call it (stoned mummbling) people smoke it and players of double bass too doctors smoke it my mom smokes it my dog smokes it i smoke it too only cure for asthma only cure for glaucoma (thats where the song ends i think)
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