Sublime - Judge Notone Cup Of Coffee tab

All chords played as bar chords (A on 5th fret, E on 7th, B7 = 797877). This song is a 
of 2 Bob Marley songs, One Cup of Coffee and Judge Not and appears on the Sublime box set 

I brought the money, like my lawyer said to do
E						B7
But it won't replace the heartache that I've caused you
E			A
Tomorrow Iíll be leaving I know
/E	    B7		     E
One cup of coffee then Iíll go


A			   E
Jude Not, Before you fool yourself
A					B7
Judge not, or youíre not ready for judgment
    E			   A		E		A
Oh, the road to life gets rocky, and you may stumble too
    E			A		B7		E
Oh, as you point your finger someone else is judging you

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